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Geert Maessen, Saint Martin de Tours, Office mozarabe & Messe gallicane, Une reconstruction computationelle des chants (Amsterdam 2016). Une version imprimée est disponible sur commande auprès de ABC.


Geert Maessen (ed), Calculemus et Cantemus, Towards a Reconstruction of Mozarabic Chant (Amsterdam 2015). Including Audio CD, see also the contents

This book can be bought by transfering 38,95 euro (shipping included) to PayPal:


Geert Maessen (ed), Wim van Gerven, pionier van de gregoriaanse semiologie in Nederland [Wim van Gerven, pioneer of the semiological movement in chant in the Low Countries] (Amsterdam 2012). For the contents see the flyer. Order the book at ABC.


Geert Maessen, Scores for Tenth-Century Chant, transl. Martin Spaink (Amsterdam 2011). It's all about Fluxus scores. Order the book at ABC


Geert Maessen, De tweede fase in de reconstructie van het gregoriaans - Een studie over reconstructie en notatie van het tiende-eeuwse gregoriaans [The Second Phase in Restoring Gregorian Chant - A study on Restoration and Notation of Tenth-Century Chant] (Amsterdam 2008)


Geert Maessen, Transcription of Gregorian Chant in Braille (Amsterdam 2002)





9 - Peter van Kranenburg & Geert Maessen (2017), Comparing Offertory Melodies of Five Medieval Christian Chant Traditions, paper presented at the 18th ISMIR Conference on October 27 in Suzhou, China; accessible at:


8 - Geert Maessen & Peter van Kranenburg (2017), A Semi-Automatic Method to Produce Singable Melodies for the Lost Chant of the Mozarabic Rite, paper presented at the 7th International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis on June 14 in Málaga, Spain; accessible at:


7 - Geert Maessen (2016), Evaluating Computationally Restored Mozarabic Chants, paper presented at the 18th meeting of the IMS Study Group CANTUS PLANUS on August 6 in Dublin, Ireland.


6 - Geert Maessen (2014), First Results of a Computational Analysis of Old Hispanic Chant, paper presented at the 17th meeting of the IMS Study Group CANTUS PLANUS on July 30 in Venice, Italy.


5 - Geert Maessen (2013), Towards a Reconstruction of the Old Hispanic Threnos-Melody, paper presented at the 27th IAH-conference on August 13 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


4 - Geert Maessen (2010), A Softwaretool for Defining Performance-Styles of Tenth-Century Chant, paper presented at the 3rd MARGOT-conference (the Digital Middle Ages conference) on June 16, Barnard College, Columbia University, New York, USA.


3 - Geert Maessen (2010), New Perspectives on Restoring Tenth-Century Chant Melodies, paper presented at the 45th International Congress on Medieval Studies on May 14 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.


2 - Geert Maessen (2009), Music-Notation for Performing Tenth-Century Chant, paper presented at the 15th meeting of the IMS Study Group CANTUS PLANUS on August 29 in Dobogókő, Hungary.


1 - Geert Maessen (2003), Visual Impairment and Notational Impairment, Gregorian Chant and Braille, paper presented at the international conference on braille music notation on June 21 in Madrid, Spain.