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Gregoriana Amsterdam is a (small) vocal ensemble specialized in the performance of the so-called Gregorian chant, one the oldest known music repertoires of some substance of Western Europe. The base for Gregoriana’s performance practice is formed by the oldest known manuscripts in which the repertory has been preserved with musical notation, and besides among other things by medieval treatises about music. As much as possible the ensemble uses self-made reconstructions and transcriptions of the repertory. Since March 2014 especially from the tenth-century Mozarabic León antiphoner.


Gregoriana Amsterdam was founded in 2002 by Reinier van der Lof. In 2006 Reinier also initiated a female branch, sometimes called Virga. Gregoriana sings in the church liturgy, gives concerts, delivers lectures illustrated by sung music examples and holds workshops. In order to give optimal expression to the beauty of Gregorian chant, a church with good acoustics is preferred then. Gregoriana’s home base is the Amsterdam Obrechtchurch, where we celebrate Gregorian Vespers every third saturday (except in july and august, see agenda). Gregoriana is conducted by Geert Maessen.